How long do lessons/courses last?

Lessons last 30 minutes and we teach in six week blocks.

How many children are there in one class?

This can vary from one class to another but usually there will usually be between 3-6 children per class. The maximum number of children in any class is 6.

Why should I choose Amphibi-kids?

We are a relevantly small team of teachers, from experience we have found this to be of great benefit to our customers because it means we know all the children/parents. This is a benefit because we have the consistency of the same teachers teaching the children and we consider this to be extremely important for a child’s progress and confidence.

Small groups enable us to be close to the children in the water so they are completely safe and feel comfortable in the water. It also means that parents can watch from the side which means child care for siblings isn’t necessary and parents don’t have to go in the water.

This is our first lesson with amphibi-kids, what should we do?

Please arrive at the swimming pool five or ten minutes prior to the lesson and get your child changed into swimwear. Then, when possible make yourself know to one of the staff and we will advise you from there.

What do I need to bring along?

All you need to bring along is a swimming costume/trunks/shorts and towel. Swimming goggles are optional, but can be useful.

Will I need to bring armbands for my child?

No - All floatation aids are provided, including foam-disc style armbands. We prefer our swimmers to wear these armbands instead of the blow-up style ones as it is easier for us to allow your child to progress; we remove discs as your child becomes stronger, eventually enabling them to swim with no aids at all.

Is there room on the poolside for spectators?

Yes. It is preferred that at least one parent/guardian is present on the poolside for the duration of the lesson, but please note that poolside space and seating is limited and during buy periods it can get quite crowded, particularly during lesson change-over.

My child has a medical condition - who should I tell?

Please notify one of the staff on arrival or alternatively contact us beforehand and we can advise accordingly.

How long does it take to learn to swim?

This question is as easy to answer as “How long is a piece of string?”! Every child is different, and all children develop and progress at different speeds and different ages. It is our intention to provide your child with a well rounded experience of water and swimming, if you have any questions about how your child is doing with their swimming, please speak to us personally and we will do our best to answer your queries.

Are the teachers in the water?

For our beginners classes our teachers are in the water with your child. However, in certain circumstances as the swimmers become more competent it may be more appropriate for the teacher to coach from the poolside.

When will my child get their next badge?

Children are regularly assessed and will receive their badges as they meet the standards out in Swim England’s (the national governing body for swimming) National Teaching Plan and Ducklings Award Schemes.

How much are lessons?

Our lessons are competitively priced at £42 per 6 week block which secures your child’s place for a full block of lessons. This works out at a very competitive price of £7 per lesson.Parents can by cash or cheque at the first lesson or directly via internet banking (we can provide you with bacs details when we confirm your booking or at your first lesson).

When do I have to pay for my child’s swim lessons?

We ask parents to pay on the first week of each block of lessons.

How and when should we pay for our lessons?

We ask you to pay for each block of 6 lessons on the first week of each block. Payment by either BACS, cash or cheque is accepted.

What is the refund policy?

If any lessons are cancelled, notification will be given and full lesson fees will be refunded. Refunds will be given either in the form of an equivalent value reduction in price of the next block of lessons, or a cheque refund for the lesson value. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds where someone was unable to attend but the lessons still operated, other than in exceptional circumstances (for example the child being in hospital)

Are your teachers qualified and insured?

Yes. We take this very seriously and all our staff are fully qualified swimming teachers and fully insured. We are very lucky to have an extremely experienced group of teachers with many years’ experience of co-ordinating, developing and teaching swimming lessons and coaching to the highest level.

What age can my child start lessons?

We teach children aged three and above. We do encourage parents to familiarise their children with a swimming pool environment before bringing them to amphibi-kids. This is to hopefully minimise any tension or stress that can be caused in the initial stages of learning to swim.

Do you teach adults to swim?

If you, or any adults that you know, may be interested in learning to swim or improving their swimming please contact us. We can discuss tailoring lessons to suit your needs; prices will be dependent on the design of the lesson.