Swim Lessons and Times


Swim Lessons

Children of all abilities love the Amphibi-Kids experience. Whether your child is a complete beginner or can swim a little, we'll have a class that’s just right for them. Children are grouped by ability in the following levels:

• Beginners - develop water confidence and basic swimming skills.

• Intermediate - develops alignment, water skills and fundamentals of stroke technique.

• Development - develops efficient stroke technique.

• Advanced – learn the skills for competitive swimming.

Improvement is imperative, so we’ll continually assess the Amphibi-Kids. Every six weeks, we’ll give you a personal progress report which will include individual feedback on your child. If your child has reached the next ASA level, then you’ll have chance to buy a badge and certificate at only £2.50 to mark the achievement.

Teaching Award schemes

Ducklings awards (stages 1-5)

We assess each child in their first swimming lesson and some Amphibi-kids may need an introduction to the water before starting the ASA Learn to Swim Framework. To get started, we’ll teach the ‘Ducklings’ awards scheme until they’re completely ready.

The ‘Ducklings’ awards help develop water confidence and teach basic water skills.

Learn to Swim Framework (stages 1-7)

At Amphibi-Kids we follow the ASA Learn to Swim Framework (stages 1-7).

This is the latest framework produced by the ASA to assist and support the delivery of swimming lessons. This framework has 7 clearly defined stages of learning helping to provide a smooth and progressive structure with a real emphasis on FUN.

At stage 7, your child should be fully competent in the water with efficient swim technique allowing them to complete 100m.

Learn to Swim Framework (stages 8-10)

These final stages of the framework are primarily designed for children who are interested in progressing to competitive swimming and learning other water related disciplines.

For a copy of all the ASA award schemes you can visit the ASA website here.